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Books And Commentaries


How do I find books and other resources?

For information about how to locate other useful resources, see the wiki page about the library in general.

What's new in the Law Library?

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High Demand

  • Lecturers may request the library to place core texts temporarily on High demand for short-term loan for use within the Library for one to tow hours.
  • Check Library Search by the course code eg LAWS103 for the latest High Demand books.

Key texts on NZ law

These texts provide a good overview of the concepts and systems associated with law:

  • J F Burrows, Statute Law in New Zealand [KUQ70.B86]
  • M MacDowell and Duncan Web The New Zealand Legal System: structures and processes [KUQ440.M44]
  • G Morris Law Alive: The New Zealand legal system in context [KUQ440.M47]
  • Claudia Orange Treaty of Waitangi [KUQ354.O63]
  • R Scragg Principles of Legal Method in New Zealand [KUQ68.S28]
  • M R Russell Legal Research in New Zealand[KUQ451 .P45]
  • Simon Dorsett and others Legal writing a complete guide to a career in Law

Study guides, student companions, etc

The Law Library has revision guides for a number of areas of law. Here is a list of the current editions of student companions and guides.


Commentaries are:

  • An in-depth examination of a legal topic e.g. employment law, trusts, taxation, etc.
  • Written by specialists - judges, practitioners, academics etc.
  • A means of determining key case law and legislation

Commentaries explain what the law is about, and are excellent for research because they provide cross-references to other useful sources. Entries in an online commentary usually include links to important cases or legislation where they appear in the same database.

Databases that include New Zealand legal commentary

  • Westlaw NZ contains relevant commentary under the text of Act sections where appropriate, which is taken directly from Westlaw NZ online publications such as Adams on Criminal Law, McGechan on Procedure, and others.
  • LexisNexis NZ commentary can be found by clicking the Compendium Cases and Commentary link under the text of any section of a statute. Commentaries found on this database include Garrow and Turkington's Criminal Law in New Zealand and Mazengarbs Employment Law in New Zealand. One of the most useful commentaries on LexisNexis NZ is The Laws of New Zealand.
  • CCH contains taxation, employment and business commentary.

Commentary in LexisNexis NZ

Commentary by Act
Duration 3m 38s
  • The Compendium link.
  • Linked commentary sections.

Keyword searching
Duration 4m 44s

  • Searching several commentaries at once.
  • Searching individual commentaries.