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Books On Legal Writing

These are all included in the Law Library's collection. Click on the link for more details about the book.

Effective legal writing : for law students and lawyers

  • Ch 2: grammar; Ch 3: legal writing.

Nemes and Coss' effective legal research

  • Ch 2: citations and effective legal writing; includes a section on avoiding plagiarism at 2.65.

Surviving law school

  • Ch 11: assignments.

Legal skills

  • Ch 10: legal writing.

Legal research and writing in New Zealand

  • Includes chapters on academic writing, legal memoranda, legal opinions, English and grammar.

The New Zealand legal system: structures and processes

  • Check the Contents page, under Appendices.

Introduction to the New Zealand legal system

  • See paragraphs 19.11 - 19.13.

Learning the law

  • Ch 9: answering essay questions; Ch 10: exam tips.