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Dispute Resolution-Mooting

  • Care of Children Act 2004, ss 105 and 106
  • New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990

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- At login page, click on IP Users link (highlighted in this image)
- Legislation and Commentary.
- Product Title.
- Statutes of New Zealand.
- Click the + symbol.

  • Re S (A Child) (Abduction: Custody Rights) [2002] 1 WLR 3355 (CA)

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cite(2002 1 wlr 3355)

  • Genish-Grant v Director-General, Department of Community Services (2002) 29 Fam LR 51 (Fam CA)

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- Foreign Laws & Legal Sources.
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- Make sure Terms & Connectors option is selected next to the search box.
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  • Olguin v Cruz-Santana 2005 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 408 (EDNY)

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- In Lexis breadcrumb trail (highlighted in the image below), click on Legal - the first link.
- At top of first column, click on Federal & State Cases, Combined.
- Search as outlined for Genish-Grant case above using this search:
name(olguin) and name(cruz santana)

  • A v Central Authority for New Zealand [1996] 2 NZLR 517 (CA )
  • Mok v Cornelisson [2000] NZFLR 582 (FC)
  • R v Hansen [2007] 3 NZLR 1 (NZSC)
  • S v S [1999] 3 NZLR 513 (HC & CA)

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- Search on the abbreviation for the law report series only, NOT the case name, as shown here.
- Use a result which includes electronic access. For results which include links to both Lexis and LexisNexis NZ, use the latter - it's much easier to use.
- To access the case you need, expand years using the + symbol beside the year; if you open the link for the year and volume you'll only get the case which starts on page 1!

  • B v S (1994) 12 FRNZ 473 (DC)
  • S v M (1993) 10 FRNZ 277 (FC)

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- Search the Library catalogue as outlined above.
- Open the result for Family Reports of New Zealand, and the electronic link will open into the FRNZ's in Westlaw NZ.
- In the search box, select the Citation option and type the citation of the case as shown in the example here.
- Your case will appear in the main part of the screen, and the PDF of the case as it appears in the FRNZs is available in the sources alongside the Documents heading.

  • Urzua v Franke FP004/95-C/03, 25 August 2003

This case is unavailable in full text. This is quite common for family law cases where the court has placed restrictions on accessing the judgment.

- A detailed summary can be found in Family Unreported Judgments [KUQ536.3.F284 Law Library], Issue 38, December 2003 p 9.
- The heading in the left column on the page is "Hague Convention Cases" and the case citation under the summary is the alternative citation M v F. The court file numbers and content are the same.

  • Regina (SB) v Governors of Denbigh High School (HL(E) [2007] 1 AC 100
  • Sahin v Turkey [2006] ELR 73 (ECtHR)

>>> DATABASE: Thompson Reuters Westlaw (TRW) - not the same as Westlaw NZ

  • In TRW click the "international Material" link.
  • On the next screen typye [2006] ELR 73 into the search box
  • You should only get one result which is a "case analysis".
  • Click on either of the linked versions to read the full case, we do not actually HAVE the ELR version so you'll need to use of one the two linked alternate citations. The text of the judgement will be identical soit is not likely to be a big problem.

Mooting techniques


If you still can't find your case/s after going through these steps, talk to a law librarian!