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Journal Article Citations

Examples of citations for journal articles

The image on the right shows a citation in a colour-coded fashion with the corresponding components under the citation.

Locating the article on Library Search

Library Search covers at the full text of many of our databases, so it might be worth trying the title of an article there before you go any further. If you don't get anything don't despair, it might just be in a database not fully searchable by Library Search. Try the JOURNAL title (don't put the year etc though). If we do have it you'll get results for the print or online (or both).

  • In print:   If the library has a set of the journal on the shelves, the Library Search result will provide you with the the call number and location.
  • E-access:   If a journal is available electronically, the result will include a links to any databases containing it. You will also see the date ranges covered in each database, be sure to check these, as it is not unusual for date ranges to differ between databases.

Those abbreviations!

In the citation examples at the top of this page, the journal titles are abbreviated - U.Pa.L.Rev and VUWLR. If you do end up having to search by journal/publication title it is best to use the actual title not the abbrevatin. To do his you'll need a way of finding what that proper title actually is. There are two websites which could be used for this:

  • Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations: If you don't get a result for your Cardiff search, you may have entered the citation incorrectly. It covers almost all citation abbreviations.
  • LCANZ - an online index to New Zealand legal citation. A bonus of LCANZ is that it conforms to the citation formats prescribed in the New Zealand Law Style Guide.