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Journal Articles In Westlaw NZ

The journals collection contains the Legal Writing Index as well as a few full-text journals. You can search these from the database's home page, or you can use the Journals search template.Unless you limit your search to one (or more) of the full-text journals many of the results you will get will be index entries only. You'll need to use Library Search to locate the journals either in print or online.

Article search in Westlaw NZ
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  • keyword search
  • refining the original search
  • field searching

New Zealand Legal Writing Index

Westlaw NZ also contains the New Zealand Legal Writing Index, which covers many of the major law reviews and journals published in New Zealand from the mid-1950s onwards. References provide details of articles, although a small number may also include a link to the full text article if it's available in Westlaw NZ.

The NZLWI can be accessed from the Journals link on Westlaw NZ's home page. Then drill down through the product titles to New Zealand Legal Writing Index. Searching the NZLWI is the same process as shown in the video above, though as its only an index it would be wise to use fairly broad terms.