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Legal Trac


LegalTrac indexes many law journals from North America and the UK, and a few Australian and New Zealand law journals. Many articles are available in full text, and those which aren't may include a Find@Waikato link so that you can access the full text article from another database.


Access to LegalTrac is currently limited to 3 simultaneous users at any one time. This means that you may not be able to access it the first time you attempt to. In the event this occurs, wait a while and try again.


  • LegalTrac's main screen contains the basic keyword search box.
  • There are options under the search box for subject and Publication searches.
  • The Advanced Search page is linked from the top of the page. Advanced searching means you can do a more precise search by using fields such as author or article title, or article types which is useful if your search uses relatively common terms.


  • In the results page you can narrow results by using the Search Within Results box in the bar on the left.
  • Filter options are also available in the left-hand bar - Related Subjects, Document Types, etc.
  • Some articles are available in full text in LegalTrac, while a citation and/or abstract is provided for others.
  • These may include a Find@Waikato link beside the citation so that you can get the article in full text from another database. You can see the Find@Waikato link in this image.

Download, email, print

  • A Tools box appears on the right when you're looking at a list of results.From here you can email one or more results by ticking the checkbox beside results and selecting a Tools option.
  • When you open a result from the results page, there are more Tool options including downloading and printing.
  • The Bookmarking option allows you to temporarily store a reference, but this lasts for as long as you are logged in to the database. Once you logout, all bookmarks are deleted.