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Lexis is a huge database which provides access to extensive primary and secondary sources for the US. It also has a large collection of material for other jurisdictions, with a variable amount of coverage depending on the jurisdiction.

  • In-depth coverage of North American and UK sources, plus some content from the European Union, Middle East and Asia.
  • New Zealand content is limited although this is covered in other databases such as Westlaw NZ and LexisNexis NZ.
  • Coverage for Australian content includes cases and some law journals and reviews.

Lexis home page

Lexis doesn't consistently open the same page when you first log in. It tends to vary between these two views. Use the All or Legal tabs at the top on the left under the word Search to change the view.

Where's the Search box?

Unlike other databases there's no search option on the first Lexis screen.

Lexis organises its sources under jurisdictions which, apart from the US, are organised under Find Laws by Country or Region, Jurisdictions other than the US are accessible via Foreign Laws & Legal Sources towards the bottom of the right hand column. You'll then need to open the Foreign Laws & Legal Sources link to see the full list of jurisdictions covered by Lexis.

Searching and Results

Keword searching
Duration 2m 48s

  • This video covers both keyword searching and proximity searching.

Segment searching
Duration 2m 39s

  • How to target your search to specific parts of each document.

Case name search
Duration 4m

  • This video shows you how to locate a case when you know the full citation.

Locating a specific source
Duration 2m 04s

  • Learn the quickest way to find a source when you know its title.

Results and what you can do with them
Duration 2m 48s

Results are listed in relevance order. These options are in the top left corner of the results screen:

  • Cite:   a list of the results, showing just the the citation of the document.
  • KWIC:   (Key Words In Context): shows each result separately, and search terms are in bold so that you can see them in context in each document.
  • Full:   the document in full text.


If you need help with using the database, or with any of your research, you can contact us at the Law Library.