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Lexis Nexis NZ

Journal articles

LexisNexis NZ includes a small collection of journals in full text:

  • New Zealand Law Journal [NZLJ].
  • New Zealand Family Law Journal [NZFLJ].
  • New Zealand Intellectual Property Journal [NZIPJ].
  • Company and Securities Law Bulletin. [C&SLB].
  • Conveyancing Law Bulletin [CLB].

Linxplus is also part of LexisNexis NZ.

  • It is an index of journals articles from all major New Zealand law journals and reviews, 1986 onwards, plus some from other Commonwealth jurisdictions.
  • It also indexes New Zealand cases.
  • Only a few articles are available in full text via LexisNexis NZ.
  • Linxplus is owned by the New Zealand Law Society and hosted on LexisNexis NZ on the Society's behalf.

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  • Each result shows in summary form in the main screen, with search terms in context.
  • Depending on the results, the hyperlinked title opens to full text or a summary of the document.
  • The Preview option at the right of the screen brings up a temporary side-screen showing details about the result.
  • You can filter results from the filter options in the menu on the left (Narrow by Source, Narrow by Topic etc.)

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  • To print, email or save a specific case, choose the appropriate icon from the top right of the page.
  • Documents can be downloaded as various file types including PDF, Word and HTML.
  • You can email the documents to yourself as an attachment in the same formats.
  • The print option lets you choose to print the full document or just the summary.


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