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Mooting Legal Method

For your mooting research you need to use Westlaw NZ. The videos below show you how to find the legislation, commentary and cases, using the Summary Offences Act 1981 as an example. Under Cases by statute below, you'll find instructions on how to find a list of cases related to a specific section of an Act. We've also included examples of the different types of case citations, and how to access cases with these types of citations. References to useful books we have on mooting techniques is at the end of the page.

Finding the Act and Section
Duration:4m 14s

The video covers:

  • Logging in to Westlaw NZ
  • Locating Statutes of NZ
  • Navigating to the Act and section
  • Finding related commentary

Finding cases related to a section of an Act in Westlaw NZ

  • Open the Act and section you need.
  • Open Related Documents in the set of tabs towards the top of the screen.
  • Click on Cases to see all cases which relate to this section of the Act.

Case references in commentary
Duration: 6m 03s

  • Accessing the cases.
  • Downloading.

Citation types and how to get the case

Neutral citation

e.g. Attorney-General v X [2007] NZCA 388

  • open case from the case title link.

Cases reported in more than one reporter series

e.g. Secretary for Justice v P [2006] NZFLR 255, (2005) 25 FRNZ 297.

  • use the link provided.

Cases with a court file number

e.g. Livinisitone v Stent DC North Shore CIV-2008-044-715, 30/9/2008.

  • use the link provided.

Cases with no links at all

e.g Thomson v Nalder [1932] GLR 61

  • outside the scope of Westlaw NZ, so contact us for help with finding them.

Mooting techniques

Click on the link to see if the book is not already on loan to someone.


Contact us if you need help with your mooting research.