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New Zealand Articles

Library Search may not include all sources for finding articles about New Zealand. If you have tried there and are not getting what you need, or just want to know you have covered your bases here are a few more options. Find New Zealand articles is the only one of the three resources listed here that gives full text. The others may only provide citation information and/or an abstract, so you'll need to look up the publication title of the article you need (ie the name of the journal/magazine/newspaper) to see if we have access to it.

Index New Zealand

Index New Zealand is a searchable database that contains abstracts and descriptions of articles from about 1000 New Zealand periodicals and newspapers, including some from earlier in the 20th century right up to and including the present day. The periodicals range from academic research journals to magazines. Around 3000 new records are added monthly from 460 current titles.

INNZ contains abstracts of

  • Selected New Zealand newspapers and multi-disciplinary journals.
  • Conference reports and papers.
  • Its subject content coverage is general rather than legal.

Watch the Library's video guide to see how to use it.

Find NZ articles

Find NZ articles includes a number of online bibliographies and databases that were previously located on different websites. See the Find NZ Articles page on the National Library's website for a comprehensive description of what is included. It also includes INNZ described above. As it has a very "google-like" search screen it is easy to search, but as it covers a great many resources you may get lots of results.


Another option you might try is Newztext Plus. This database is listed in the News category in the Library's Databases page. Articles from New Zealand daily newspapers and magazines (including NBR and New Zealand Management Magazine) are available in full text.

The 'Magazines' section includes a few New Zealand law journals and reviews including our own Waikato Law Review ((Waikato L.Rev., 1993 onwards), the Māori Law Review (Māori LR, 1993-2009), New Zealand Journal of Environmental Law (NZJEL) and the Otago Law Review (Otago L.Rev., 2003 onwards). The National Business Review (NBR) is available, 1993 onwards.

News from other countries can be accessed through one of the other news related databases such as Factiva and Newspaper Source.

Searching and results
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This video looks at:

  • The Newztext search screen.
  • Search results.