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Nutshell Case Law


Introduction to case law
Duration 4m 55s

  • Court hierarchy
  • Case citations
  • Case law

Let's speak law
Duration 2m 10s

  • How to pronounce legal latin terms like "prima facie" and "ultra vires".


  • The Law Portal has general case law sources distinct from the line-up of commonly used legal databases, which are the go-to sources for everything, including case law. The sub-portals provide specialist case law sources by either jurisdiction or subject.
  • Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations is a really useful website for decoding those elusive reporter abbreviations. It also tells you which country a reporter series comes from, and this information might help you decide where to look.
  • NZLII contains legal resources, including cases from various courts and tribunals.
  • The Courts website contains key decisions and the recent decisions of the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

The Legal Research Skills Wiki


Here are a few books to help your understanding of what case law is and how you can find it.

Click on the images for more information.

  • Legal research and writing in New Zealand [KUQ47 .G74 2007]
      - Chapter 5: Case law
  • New Zealand Legal System Structures and Processes [KUQ440 .M44 2010]
      - Chapter 6: New Zealand's court system
      - Chapter 9: Case law
  • Principles of Legal Method [KUQ68 .S28 2009]
      - Chapter 2: The nature of common law
      - Chapter 3: Case analysis

Citation style for cases

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