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Nutshell The New Zealand Legal System


Law Classification Puzzle

Law is broadly divided into three categories Public, Private and International. The Legal classification of law PDF   shows how the individual areas of law fit into these categories. Click on the image on the right to try out this fun (and oddly addictive) game to test your knowledge of legal categorisation.

The game has two rounds. You must get all the questions in Round 1 right before you can move on to Round 2.


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  • New Zealand Legal System Structures and Processes [KUQ440 .M44 2016]
      - Chapter 1: The nature of law
      - Chapters 3-5: Case law
  • Law alive: the New Zealand legal system in context [KUQ440.M47 2016]
      - Chapters 1-4
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law in New Zealand [KUQ1750.J68 2014]
  • Treaty of Waitangi [DU418.2.O63 2011]
  • New Zealand Bill of Rights [KUQ2095.N44 2003]
  • Bridled Power [JQ5881.P3 2004]

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