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The term 'Quick Reference' applies to items which are consulted for a minute or two, such as dictionaries and encyclopedia. As well as print items of this type (see further down this page), there are also online sources which provide the same type of information.The Law Library's Quick Reference collection is located not far from the Level 4 Information Desk. As well as dictionaries and encylopedias, Level 4 Quick Reference includes legal citation indexes and legal abbreviations dictionaries which provide the full details of citation abbreviations. Items in the Quick Reference collection are not able to be borrowed.

Key Resources

  • Bieber's dictionary of legal abbreviations : a reference guide for attorneys, legal secretaries, paralegals, and law students (commonly known as Biebers) is particularly strong on abbreviations from the US. It is available at the Waikato campus at the Bongard Campus in Tauranga and online via Lexis.
  • Index to legal citations and abbreviations (often just known as Raistricks) is particularly strong on citation references from the UK. This is available both in Hamilton and at the Tauranga Campus.
  • "Spillers" - (or as it is formally called Butterworths New Zealand Law Dictionary) contains legal definition and also includes all NZ reports abbreviations, and a number of international law report series abbreviations too. It is available at the Law Library [KUQ86.3 .M62 2005] and at the Bongard Campus in Tauranga.

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