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What sort of material can I find?

Library Search gives access to the Library's entire collection of print and electronic resources.



Finding books
Duration 5.13

This video includes:

  • the Course Reserves Room on Level 2 of the Student Centre in Hamilton
  • Library of Congress call numbers
  • using the online catalogue

Beyond books
Duration 4.51

This video includes:

  • journal articles
  • chapters within an edited book
  • commentaries
  • electronic material

Starting places in the Law Library
Duration 2.04

This video includes:

  • dictionaries
  • abbreviations
  • The Laws of New Zealand

What if the Library does not have what I want?

If the Library does not hold or provide access to a particular resource that you need you can probably get it through our Interlibrary Loan service. This service us allows to request books, journal articles etc from other libraries so you can access them. You can access the Interlibrary Loan page via the "place/tack interloan" link in the key tasks menu on all the library webpages. See the Library's Interlibrary Loan page for a detailed description of how it all works.

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