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Theses And Dissertations

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Post-grad study

These sources offer advice on post-graduate study. Some also include help with writing up theses and dissertations.

Note: books referred to here are all shelved in the collection on Level 3 of the Library. You can see the current status of these by click on the link provided.
Ch 7 covers planning, and Ch 8 includes a brief description of each the formal elements of a thesis - Title page, Abstract, Acknowledgements etc.
Includes a chapter on writing the abstract.
This is an e-book.
Parts 2 and 3 include advice on overcoming instances of stress, procrastination and lack of motivation.
This is an e-book.
Topic selection, the proposal, long-term planning ...
Targeted at the science sector, but you'll get the general idea.
It contains practical advice on undertaking a PhD, and Ch 19 covers writing.
Advice on the stages of putting a thesis together.
This is an e-book.
Research and writing are dealt with in Chapters 5-7.
Also includes a chapter on how not to get a PhD!
The Library's guide to writing and submitting a thesis.

Theses writing

Submitting your thesis


  • Allow about 8 working days for printing.
  • Waikato Print is the University of Waikato's own fully digital printing business, and is available at three locations on campus.
  • Details of submission can be found on the Library's Thesis Submission page.


  • One copy of all University of Waikato theses are required to be submitted in digital format.
  • The Library's page on Digital Thesis Deposit, and the downloadable Thesis Deposit guide found there, provide instructions on making your thesis digital.

Finding other theses

Research Commons

Other New Zealand theses

  • Use nzresearch.org.nz to search for New Zealand theses. Use the filters to direct your search to theses or dissertations.
  • These are online theses only.

International theses

  • More information on finding theses, including those from other countries, can be found at Finding a theses