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Westlaw International

Thomson Reuters Westlaw (formerly Westlaw International) contains a vast collection of legal sources including legislation and case law, articles, journal indexes, law dictionaries and legal encyclopedias.

  • It provides in-depth coverage of North American and UK sources, plus some content from the European Union, Middle East and Asia.
  • When you go into the database you will be take to the inrrnational materials screen. Here you can choose to search by resource type or jurisdiction
  • Drill down until you get to the resources you want to search then use the search box at the top of the screen
  • The box has predictive text, so if you type in the name of a journal/reporter you'll get taken to the entry for that resource and from there you can use the search box to target just that journal/report series.


Keyword search
Duration 3m 13s

  • A free-text search using keywords and connectors.

Proximity searching
Duration 3m 22s

  • How do you tell the database you want
    your keywords to be in the same sentence?
    Same paragraph?

Field search
Duration 3m 27s

  • Targeting a search to a specific part
    of documents.(Not the same as free-text

Natural language search
Duration 2m

  • Westlaw International's easy
    search option

Citation search
Duration 1m

  • The quick way to get the document
    - as long as you have the citation!

Duration: 2m 17s

  • Reviewing results.
  • Using Westlaw's document options.


If you need help with using the database, or with any of your research, you can contact us at the Law Library.