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About Juris-M

  • Juris M is a research tool that allows you to store and manage your references and associated documents.
  • Juris-M is available here you will help you to be able to correctly format the majority of reference types for the New Zealand Law Style.
  • Zotero (and Juris M) allows you to store your reference library online as well as in the browser. The basic free storage offering is relatively small especially for people intending to store pdfs too, but you can purchase additional storage for an annual fee (prices in $USD).
  • You can also use a "standalone client" with plug-ins for collecting internet resources from Chrome or Safari.
  • You can easily categorise and search your library and can even add notes to references to remind yourself of particular things about them.
  • For many things you still have to enter each reference into the Zotero library manually. The major law databases such as Lexis & Westlaw do not provide resources in a such a way that direct linking is possible. Even with Westlaw NZ and LexisNexis NZ you will still need to fill in all the fields, but at least if you include the URL you will be able to get back to the source easily.

Downloading Juris-M

  • Go to the Juris-M tools sire and download the stand alone or Firefox client depending on your preferences. If you're using the Fire-fox plug-in you may need to restart Firefox a couple of times.
  • If you've not already done so, go to Zotero.org and create a free account, this will allow you to sync your references online and between machines.

Setting Up

  • Open the client.
  • Go to Preferences in the menu that looks like a small cog.
  • Click the Sync tab (the icon that looks like two circular arrows).
  • Type in your Zotero username and password.
  • Your library should now sync between the browser and online.
  • If it does not, log into Zotero.org in another tab as that seems to help.
  • Zotero resyncs itself every few minutes so that it does not take long for a new entry to appear in both the online and browser versions.

Saving a Webpage

  • When you are on a page you want to save, click on the little blue icon in the address bar.
  • Juris-M will automatically save the link along with a snapshot into your library.
  • You might want to check the fields marry up with the law style.

Saving Items From Library Search

  • Click the yellow folder to choose the ones you want out of your listing.
  • The items will import into your library.
  • This works on many of the individual databases too - and in that instance it may well pull in the full text PDFs which is especially useful.

Add Items By ISBN or DOI

  • This is especially helpful for things not sourced from our databases.
  • Use the icon that looks similar to a magic wand.
  • Type in the ISBN or DOI and the rest of the information will automatically appear.
  • Don't use the regular "new item icon" as this does not pull in the other information.

Creating Collections

  • You can create a new collection by clicking the folder icon with the green plus.
  • You can then drag and drop references from your library into the newly created collection.
  • If you have many items and cannot remember which collection a given item belongs to simply click to highlight the item then press the ctrl key.
  • The folder will appear highlighted in yellow and will open if the item is actually in a sub-folder Zotero will expand the folders so you can see where your reference lives in the scheme of things.
  • You can use the "saved search" feature to create a kind of smart collection that automatically adds any new entries that fit the search criteria in the results list as soon as they are added.

Deleting Entries

  • To delete an item from a collection click on the collection then right click on the item in the middle pane and select remove item. This takes it from the collection but not your library.
  • To remove something from your library click on "My Library" to see all the references you have and then right click and remove the ones you no longer require.

Getting References from Zotero to your Document

  • Using the MS Word (or Open Office) plug-ins you will also be able to put citations into your document. The pinpoint feature is particularly good and, for example, knows when to put square brackets around something.
  • Make sure the plug-in is installed so Word will "talk to" Zotero.
  • When you need to footnote something click on the add-ins tab and then the icon that looks like a footnote.
  • Insert footnote and use the drop down to correctly format the pinpoint.
  • If for some reason it does not look quite right you can click on the citation and change it.
  • You can create drag and drop bibliographies in any text document including Google docs/drive and emails.
  • You can also insert footnotes by holding down crtl while dragging the reference into a foot note.